The Operations and documentation department is the coordinating organ of the whole company. The department co-ordinates all the physical duties entailed in the freight forwarding, warehousing and transport business. The department is located in the Mombasa and Dar es salaam.

Customer satisfaction is the top priority of everyone and the purpose of every job. Cost effective, on going achievements of customer satisfaction is the foundation of our business.
At Simpet, customer service is a very important element in our operational procedures to enable us meet our goals and our objectives. Good service is a very subjective notion as what satisfies one person might leave another person dissatisfied.
SIMPET GLOBAL LOGISTICS LTD provides global logistics solution to our customers against our global agency network as well as our professional staffs.
It is for that reason, we at SIMPET, endeavor to understand your business, relate to your aspirations and offer personalized service with the right combination of cost and transit time to accommodate our clients objectives to the best of our ability.